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Latest updates from the campaign:

I will be attending:

Rapid City Area RTL (FB page) will host its monthly Chapter meeting on Monday, Nov. 15, at the Minneluzahan Senior Citizen's Center (corner of New York and 5th Streets).  All are welcome and encouraged to attend at 6:00 pm.

You can find me on Rumble at MyAmericanJournals on Rumble

I am available on Facebook (META - Make Everything Trump Again)
Patrick W. Schubert Sr. (sometimes in jail... :) and Retire The RINO

I am on Gab as PDubbs.

I am on Parler as PatrickWSchubert

I am on GETTR as PWSchubertSr

Wanna expose bad politicians in state??? FYI, if its open to the public, you can record it... State & Locals...


GENERAL NEWS (will keep up as best as possible, I do post on FB also)

There was collusion between WH & NSBA to accuse parents of being terrorists - ARTICLE HERE - Fox News 


Fed Chairman Sells off stocks before 2020 plunge... REPORT HERE - Fox News

Most recent updates on Jan 6th "Prisoners of War"... ARTICLE HERE - PJ Media

From the Things we already knew files. FB covers for Journalists that lie for Biden... ARTICLE HERE - Western Journal

Washington Post says Milley must go... ARTICLE HERE - WaPo

President Trump releases multiple statements on Election & Jan 6th... ARTICLE HERE - Gateway Pundit

Federal Judge pushes DOJ on Civil Rights of Jan 6 prisoners... ARTICLE HERE - Shapiro/DailyWire

2 Articles on issues that "may be" causing the shipping issues... Trucker Classifications & Environmental Regulations

 Reports say Biden ignoring natural immunity... ARTICLE HERE - Western Journalism 

Remember that horse drug you can't have? House, Senate & their families using it? ARTICLE HERE - Western Journal

Fauci documentary flops, Big Tech adjust numbers up, botches the job... ARTICLE HERE - Western Journal 

Governor DeSantis is not playing.  Fines Leon County $3M+ for vaxx mandates. When does SD get this type of protection? ARTICLE HERE - DailyWire

VA parent finds out that #MeToo doesn't apply to his daughter when assaulted by a trans man in a school restroom... ARTICLE HERE - Daily Wire

Joe as involved in family business as Hunter was.  Enabled Hunter's habits... ARTICLE HERE - Western Journal

Nancy Pelosi fantasizes about ruling the world... VIDEO HERE - YouTube

Johnson & Johnson interviews by Project Veritas... PROJECT VERITAS VIDEO HERE - Rumble

Biden threatens Southwest, Patriots fight back!... ARTICLE HERE - Western Journal 

Pfizer Whistleblower shares Executive e-mails ... PROJECT VERITAS VIDEO HERE - Rumble

We already saw Fauci's e-mails between him & Mark Z. Here's another connection... ARTICLE HERE - NY Post

Receipt from Dominion for November Election Staffing in GA... ARTICLE HERE

We know the DOJ won't even discuss Hunter's laptop.  What other laptop is being ignored?... DOJ MEMO HERE

Exxon-Mobil says it owns 11 Senators... ARTICLE HERE - DailyKos

How does Nancy Pelosi end up as a "Financial Oracle" on Twitter?  How many others doing this? VIDEO HERE - Jesse Waters



The Framing of General Flynn... VIDEO HERE - Gab TV

Arizona audit is not good for the state of our nation's voter integrity... VIDEO HERE - Rumble

A list of videos by David Icke, great information most of Big Tech has deleted... VIDEO LIST - Rumble




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