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ISSUE #6 - Vaccine and other Mandates

Businesses are enforcing unconstitutional mandates for anti-American politicians that can not force these issues because it will hurt their re-election chances?  Our Reps have already attempted to “encourage” vaccines without success.  This is a government that, at minimum funded a bio-weapon, and possibly unleashed a bio-weapon to win an election.  Those who will commit treason to gain power would commit fraud to keep their power.

Have our Reps done the homework on vaccines?

Answer: HELL NO! We know that vaccines are based on fetal tissue cells. This would be an affront to us Pro-Life supporters to be required to get an injection of cells from aborted (murdered) children. Those cells don’t belong in a lab, they deserved to live and should be on a playground.

Project Veritas video on Pfizer Exec e-mails

Employees, scientists and other workers of vaccine manufacturers have spoke out against mandates, the vaccines and the science used to “sell” these things to the general public.

Project Veritas Johnson & Johnson video

What legal authority are they using to push these mandates? There is no legal requirements of the law that would allow for mandated vaccines or any other medical procedures. The law of the land is in 100% opposition to these mandates. The goal of vaccine mandates is to set the precedent that these things can be pushed on us using an unholy alliance of government & business. They are waging a war against us and our rights with the illegal alliance that is designed to set an absolute precedent that our government is the giver of rights because they feel they out rank the actual giver of our rights.

Your government is enforcing these mandates using proxies they have absolute control over. Do not be fooled.  



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