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Our Forefathers laid out a series of charge against King George that infringed on our freedoms and caused them to break the bonds of the British Empire over the citizens of what would become The United States of America.  Review the list below and think about current events and where they fit into the infractions against America and her citizens.  I have found incidents that fit one or many of these charges...

Assent to Law
Neglect of Law
Right of Representation
Fatiguing the Populace
Opposing Opposition
Exposed to Invasion
Illegal Immigration
Administration of Justice
Owning Judges
Harassing our People
Standing Armies
Superior to the People
Conspired with others against us
Quartered soldiers amongst us
Protecting by Mock Trial
Taxes without Consent
Trial by Jury
Tried for Pretend Offences
Arbitrary Government
Altering Our form of Governmental
Power in all Cases
Out of his Protection
Destroyed the lives of our People
Mercenaries against the People
Executioners of their friends and Brethren
Domestic Insurrections Amongst Us

Here is my take on this list...

Lets take a look at 1 incident that begins to show the web of deceit that is
being sewn across this nation.

DOI_Then and Now_Book.pdf (Copyrighted)

From Chapter 3
Now, we must speak of some Chairman of a Communist party stuff.

I want to address January 6, 2021. I needed more processing of that day in the context of this writing and in legal terms. I was also looking for some specifics. I will annotate all related Chapters as (#) in the pdf link above to show the politically motivated denial of these people’s Rights by today’s standard; but its no different than what King George did to us.

There have been over 700 American Citizens arrested for the January 6th Incident (21). There were about 535 official arrests made (12). Many people arrested are still being held in jail and 40 are in solitary confinement since their arrests (4, 5, 10). Conditions have been reported as deplorable and much worse. Right to free religion has been denied and these American dissidents are being abused by other left leaning American Citizens (20, 27, 28).

I would suspect a lot of the people who have plead guilty did so because they can’t afford the legal services needed to stand up to their government who only holds them to keep them off of your television (6, 7, 22, 25, 26). Nobody arrested has been charged with Insurrection as it has been named. The majority of charges have been misdemeanors. None arrested had any weapons on their person. Officer Michael Byrd had a weapon that day and he used it to kill an unarmed, female Unites States Air Force Veteran named Ashli Babbitt (28). He has not been disciplined, arrested, jailed or even had any interruption to his employment status (25). Many judges are liberal leaning and have gone out of their way to make the entire scenario as horrible as possible for the detainees (10, 11, 17 ).

Now look at the references to other chapters. This is not a minor incident. It is the kind of thing that must not be left to stand. Only problem is a large number of our Congress members and Senators are selling it as an Insurrection by unarmed citizens. Numerous reports are out there that the 20 unindicted co-conspirators were actually FBI personnel instigating violence while dressing as Trump Supporters (15, 17, 23, 29). Our government has clearly declared themselves Superior to the people (14).


DOI_Then and Now_Book.pdf (Copyrighted)

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