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Now, there’s a few ways to get term limits.

Option 1

Wait for Congress and Senate to pass term a limit bill. You’d have a better chance at government paying off the national debt tomorrow. They get way too rich to ever allow that to happen. National parties would threaten to end the careers of anyone who votes for term limits.

Option 2

34 states put up an Amendment via an Amendment Convention. I think this would be great and I would line up to take part; but after January 6th it would probably have to be done via the internet or in a very secure way. The lengths some have gone to in the last 2 years to gain power in an attempt to destroy America should remove no possibilities from the table. They have been upfront about retribution via government agency and intimidation to keep the status quo. Rest assured, if term limits were forced on them they would do everything possible to overturn it, legal or not.  I am also not sure 34 states could be reached.  Too many locked down blue states.

Other less likely options

State’s set term limits for their Federal Offices. 20 (+/-) states would never pass any such legislation. They’ve spent 235 years accumulating power and oppressing their populations. No way they would ever go for that. So what you’re left with is, red states never accumulating long term power and blue states having revocable power in their respective areas.

There has been a decision by the Supreme Court regarding Term Limits placed by states.  This was decided in 1995.  I am unsure as to whether it could be re-litigated before a more Conservative Court as we have now.

A sitting President institutes term limits via Executive Order. In reality, an EO is simply a Presidential Request for legislation. In this case that legislation would never be written or passed. It would end up at the Supreme Court. If it is argued that the Legislative Branch check & balance after the death of FDR is the same check & balance from the Executive against the Legislative it should be a very winnable case. Executive Orders are not forever though… It would have to be made irrevocable, such as a super majority in House and Senate amending the 22nd Amendment.  I would vote for term limits, 2 terms each House or Senate.
No guarantees this could be accomplished or even attempted.

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