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The ATF is an affront to our 2nd Amendment rights.  They should not exist and they don't seem to be too effective in Chicago, New York or Atlanta.  They are a waste of taxpayer money.  Firearm registrations should be handled by the states because the federal government has no right to know what we use for self defense.  Every word of the Constitution is written so that the federal government would fear We the People.  Gun registrations are never going to go away. I do not now or have I ever liked them but the changes that would have to happen for them to end would probably never happen. What we own is not the governments business but nothing the government creates ever goes away. The only way I could ever see gun registrations ending is if somehow the Republicans got an undefeatable super majority in the House & Senate with the Presidency. There would still be people from both parties who would oppose removing the registration requirements. People long before us gave in and let it happen & there's no scenario where it ends short of a full overturning of every Rep currently in office that is not Pro-2A. The left has too much fraud built into elections in blue states to ever get them all out. Gun registrations are more about government knowing where the guns are than any safety benefits for the people. They also enjoy the monetary benefits of it. You'll never get them to give up any money.

The 2nd Amendment is not as much about firearms as it is about We the People being equal to or greater than our government at all times.  This principle is way out of whack right now. A sitting President actually mentioned using fighter jets and nukes against American citizens.  Representative Swalwell also mentioned nukes against citizens.

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