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I am without waiver, 100% Pro-Life.

Life, is the most important of our unalienable Rights. As some may have noticed, our Forefathers had a knack for putting the most important stuff first. Life must be Preserved, protected & defended at all costs. Losing the value of Life causes a disregard for Life in general.

Without life nothing exists. It takes a life to acknowledge Life. We have gone from caves to McMansions in only 35,000 years. We’ve retrieved soil samples from Mars but many can not impress upon children enough that their bodies are theirs, but it comes with a responsibility to remember their bodies are 1 part of a biological system that’s only purpose is, like any other life form, to procreate to ensure the survival of the species. We try to warn them that the chemicals in their bodies will drive them to be dumb. I know this because I am 16 years older than my oldest son and 20 years older than my youngest son. Parents need to be involved and offer open speak advice and help before not after.

Our opponents constantly say “My Body My Choice” but that principle does not stand the litmus test when real science is applied. They refute that idea for vaccines but abortion opponents are constantly beaten down by their fallacy based “slogan” that only exists to justify infanticide.

When you hear these deceptive ideas I think we need to take a new approach. There has never been any reports, directives, publications or studies in biology, anatomy or general Medical sciences that have ever declared that a fetus is a female body part. We must use their beloved science to prove them wrong regarding what they demand that we allow.

Its time for the Liberal Agenda to face a head on challenge that is based in fact and show them we shall not bow to them just because their mob says we must comply. We must challenge them on every issue not just abortion. Defunding the Police allows criminals to put life at risk and aide criminals in escaping justice. The destruction of our criminal legal system threatens life by letting violent criminals out of jail to reoffend. The destruction of our economy can drive people to end their lives. Our military warriors take their own lives because they have been to hell and back with horrible memories and fears that will never go away while getting zero real and effective help from our government. They must know that we will never agree with any risk to our general population from their abusive tyrannical ideas and schemes.

These arguments have been used to be a whipping switch against the feckless Republicans. The above statement on fetal status being undesignated by science is the argument ender on this topic. Their my body my choice is a red herring fallacy that actually exposes the real demand for abortion. It is designed to put the focus on their body while ignoring the fetus. They're inconvenienced by the potential future "burden" of the child. Less than one half of 1% of abortions are done due to Incest & Sexual Assaults by Planned Parents own numbers.

Here is another reason the Left leans to abortion. Eugenics, its a very outdated way of thinking, which in time brought the world Adolf Hitler. Margaret Sanger, a liberal, attempted to normalize this practice. She referred to minorities as human weeds. Hillary Clinton and a lot of sitting Democrats call her a personal hero. Hitler and other mass murders were fond of Eugenics because they wished for a world free of any race that was not “pure” in their opinion.

Every newborn life is pure. Its a giggling, crying & smiling bundle of unobstructed opportunity. Impeding the growth of 1 child could be the reason Cancer’s don’t get cured. Groundbreaking innovations will not be achieved. A child is an unknown and the incidents of their lives could take them to record human achievements or maybe they just grow up to be good citizens. Either way they have a right to achieve anything they wish.

Life, as it is, can be whittled down to the chronicle of you, that those around you know. Sometimes we forget that we, as a single person, will not remember our lives upon our death. Some will lose their memories long before death comes for them. I spent 4 years caring for my Dad with Alzheimers, which is why I returned to NJ in 2002. Its actually a catch 22 issue. You love them but losing them seems unbearable. From experience I can say that there is a point where those we love are gone from their body. This is where the worst months of my life happened.

I am happy to see great research coming out, but there are millions in all of the stages of many mental deterioration diseases, such as Parkinson's, Dementia and more. There’s little that can be done for them right now. The only thing we can do is visit them, love them and help where we can. We can hope our grandkids don’t have to make the decisions for our kids that I had to make for my Dad and his brother.

The best possible outcome for what is generally the worst scenario you will encounter in your life is for Government to go away and leave the decisions to documents left by the in-firmed or their families decisions. It is not for anybody to judge what a family does to preserve the long term memories they have because those final memories are brutal and will overtake a lot of other memories.

Those we lose are not lost. Each generation is a part of the last. Remembering those before us makes them part of the next generation. We must know their History and pass them down. They are forever a part of us & live on with us everywhere we go.


Those who stand against a pro-life agenda are not new to our world. There were ancient people who sacrificed all kinds of lives to Gods, Deities and beliefs. They did it for a lot of different aspects of their lives including weather, hunting success and a good season of crops. They had no science to completely understand their environment. Today we have plenty of science and a shortage of the love of life.

As Humanity progressed thru time our propensity to be just plain mean to each other never waned. As civilized societies began, there were still wars that killed. We have seen dictators commit horrible atrocities against their people. History is littered with those who pillaged all the nations of the world and killed many millions. The absence of respect for life will always remain in our ranks, it is a deep seated human trait.

Progress leads to a new Industrial center and the 500 jobs created within. The sprawling subdivisions needed to allow people to buy homes to reach their Happiness now that they have a good job near home and a good paycheck. As the years progress, they build something the left constantly speaks of but again, knows so much which is not true about it. They build life equity. Their home appreciates and they get closer to paying it off. They now own at least 1 or more paid for vehicle & 1 financed vehicle. Their kids are exiting the school system and hoping to find their happiness in this world. Their parents hope to leave them something nice so they can hopefully build generational security. This is the modern human’s life cycle.

The Progressive ideology looks like a Dark Ages Renaissance Faire… they have no love for a life or themselves. They lead miserable lives based entirely on hatred that they project on others. They have no concept of critical thinking or even attempting to think for themselves. From their creation of eugenics to the creation of an abortion procedure, our opponents have solidified themselves as the anti-life party. They are here to impede our Happiness. We truly are fighting a mindless hoard of drones. Our Representatives are siding with these people against us on a lot of issues.

But here’s 2 points of good news… the hoard is not as big as advertised and most importantly, God & Life always wins…


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