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ISSUE #11 - BACKING THE BLUE & other First Responders

Crime is running rampant across blue states from coast to coast and Dems are happy about it.  They enable the criminals because it causes good citizens to live in fear and hide in their homes.  They're infringing on our Right to move freely among our cities.  Its ok if you go out to work but at night they want us sitting quietly in our homes when we're not earning them tax dollars to borrow against.

Unabated crime starts with "mostly peaceful riots" burning cities and eventually it leads to acceptable theft and destruction of businesses.  In due time it leads to murders.  The Dems criminal activity in government signals that crime is ok if you're on their side of the aisle.  If you aren't you get accused of the crimes they commit, evidence is fabricated against you and you're prosecuted illegally like General Flynn, Roger Stone and any one else just because you support the guy who says "LOCK THEM UP" & "Drain the Swamp".


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