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Hello all. Finally past the crud, I am 100% clear and only a little raspy bit of voice is left.. Been out driving and walking around meeting as many people as possible on the Petition front. I have met a lot of people who show that there is a good bit of confusion regarding the “Open Primary” as it is here and not what some think it is.  
Many states handle primaries differently even if is the same open type primary. Here in SD, the parties can allow different registrations to vote in their primary. In SD, any voter who wishes to vote in the Democratic Primary can do so on Primary day regardless of registration. Also here in SD, the Republican party will not allow any non-Republican registered voter to vote in their primary. 

Regarding petitions, they are party based and if you want to sign a petition for any candidate you must be a member of the party your preferred candidate is registered as, which is exactly as it should be. I am putting this together to make sure that every voter realizes that if you are not registered as a Republican you can not vote in the Republican primary for or against any candidate on their ticket. Your current option is that you can either throw away a party’s junk mail or you can throw away your vote on primary day. The mass amount of mailings your party choice will bring to you is a built in annoyance that comes with any registration you choose. On the other hand its is creating a waste of that party’s resources to reach you with a message you may or may not care to read if your mind has already been made up.

Please refresh yourselves with the voting registration policies and deadlines for making sure you are prepared to ensure your voices are heard as you intend in the June 7th Primary. I spoke with a lot of people who have changed their registration since our last primary because they were locked out of our last primary. I have also spoken with people who have stated an intention to vote against certain candidates but are unwilling to change from their current registration, mostly Independents that do lean towards the Republican side. 
I do not care if you want to vote for or against me or any other candidates, I care that you can express your political views freely at the ballot box without any misunderstandings of what your voting rights are prior to the actual Primary day.


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